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Monday, June 28, 2010


Well, what a joke. Son has to serve five more months, ten years probation, and register as a sex offender. Good thing: might be able to expunge in five years. Thank you to our pastor and the youth pastor and his wife who came to support our son and us. It meant so much to us.

The prosecutor gave her spiel, then proceeded to spend the rest of the hearing texting on her blackberry. Son's lawyer gave his spiel, he's definitely not gifted in the speaking department by the way. The language used by all parties was that our son "crossed some boundaries". Really? I thought the girls were crying rape. Oh, well. Must be why the charges were so drastically reduced.

The facts about the girls calling, texting, bragging, etc., was never brought to the judge's attention. Seems that in AZ these things are not admissible. According to our son's lawyer, these are the reasons the prosecution lowered the charges. Really? Then why didn't our son's lawyer fight harder for him.

I have very good hearing, and the two lawyers were talking before the court started. The prosecution would say so, this charge stands as this, right? this plea needs amended to this, right? And our son's lawyer agreed to everyone. Nice to know he lets women wear the pants.

He did manage to get our son's probationary fee lowered from $65/month to $25/month. Oh, yippee! Glad we didn't have to pay HIM for representation. My husband is going to check into taking this to civil court. We'll see.

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Karen Powers Duvall said...

Hey Cyn, been following your posts and praying for all of ya'll. I am glad the charges were reduced but feel your lawyer should be reported to your State Bar. I don't know if it would help but he took advantage of his youth by having him sign the plea without you present. I pray now that your son doesn't become bitter and resentful which would be understandable, but hopefully he becomes stronger each day and God uses this bad experience in a good way.