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Friday, September 26, 2008

ACFW Conference 2008

This year's conference was held in Minneapolis. The weather was perfect, the rooms comfortable, the hotel HUGE! People were wonderful and welcoming. Appointments fell into place with ease. The ACFW board members outdid themselves again, and Angie Hunt's speaking was not to be missed.

Although, I attended, I ordered the CD of all the classes. Way too many to choose from and, since I don't live in a science fiction movie, I couldn't attend more than one class at a time.

Contracts were signed, agents found, and friendships made. Excitement ran high. A few people may have had hopes dashed, but we need to remember that publication isn't a guarantee. If we're meant to be published, it's in God's time, not ours. For learning the craft, the conference can't be beat.

And the multi-author booksigning at the Mall of America was the bomb! As kids today say. 125 authors attracted more people than you could count. The bookstore quickly ran out of most books. The man at Barnes and Noble said the mall hadn't seen anything like it since the guitarest from Motley Crue was there. Did God move that day, or what? An amazing experience!

God willing, I'll attend next year's conference in Denver. Start saving now, folks. The dates are September 17-20, and Debbie MacComber will be the guest speaker.