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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

New Readers

Got contacted my another person who received my book as a door prize at a church function. She'd liked it enough, she's going to buy the sequel.

I wish, and you'd think that as a writer I could, find the words to describe how you feel when you get an e-mail from someone who enjoyed your book. It's like Christmas. A huge feeling of euphoria. It gives you that boost you need to keep writing when the rejection slips from the big publishers fill a file folder in your desk drawer.

If someone likes your first book, when you really didn't know much about writing, how much more will they like your fourth, when you've learned so much.

Monday, June 26, 2006


Camping went great! The weather was perfect (althought a bit of rain wouldn't have been bad, right?). The trout were biting, the kids were great and us "big" kids had a blast.

One of the traditions we started last year was heading out into the woods about a mile from the campsite armed only with flashlights. We find a secluded spot and tell stories to scare ourselves. We also film ourselves in our version of the "Blair Witch Project". Last year, besides my then 13-year old son, was just us girls. This year we talked a couple of the guys into going and trying it out. What a blast! My 28 year-old step-son, bless his heart, wanted to head back as soon as we got there. He's probably the smartest one of us. My husband and step-daughter think we're all crazy. We think it's great fun to ditch one of the group and totally freak them out. Can you tell I'm a suspense writer? This year there was no moon and it was very dark. Even the trees looked scarey!

I did manage to finish a chapter while up there. No small feat with grandchildren wanting to know what Nana was doing. When you tell them you're writing, they just don't get it.

Oh, the memories these camping trips give us. I took over 150 pictures for my other hobby of putting pictures to a DVD complete with music and transitions.

If you're as blessed as I am to have all your children and grandchildren close by, I suggest you try the whole family camping trip. You won't regret it.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Camping for how many days?

We're heading up for our annual family camping trip to Woods Canyon Lake in Northern Arizona. The entire family goes, which is a lot of fun. We're only going for two and a half days, but the supplies form a mound it's difficult to see over. Isn't it amazing what we think we need? I mean, really, besides a flushing toilet, cause the outhouses are horrendous! and food, sleeping bags, shampoo (dirty hair? ICK!)and of course all the important things to kill germs, because we all know nature is dirty, right? All we really need is a pad of paper and an ink pen (my stepdaughter says my laptop is off limits! How dare she?!).

I've got my entire wip in a bag, cause we all know there could be a solar flare and I'd never make it back to Phoenix and might have to live by this beautiful lake for the rest of my life, eating only fish and Pringles! So, I've got to take a book to read, right? I've chosen Last Light by Terri Blackstock, just in case I need the tips.

Should I take my wilderness survival book?

Oh, and I've packed an extra set of clothes for everyone, just in case. Two bags of marshmallows, cause one just isn't enough for four people to eat S'mores. Guess, I won't take nice sandles, just my flip flops. I mean, I've got to be reasonable, right? We are camping.

Oh, and I've got rain ponchos for everyone, cause we all know how much it rains in Arizona!

Do you think I've got the important things covered? I don't need to take God, cause He'll already be there, enjoying His creation!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Dance Revolution

Someone mentioned to me about the playstation2 Dance Revolution as a workout! What a hoot! I'm having a blast. Who said exercise can't be fun. I bumbled my way through for an hour, worked up a sweat and had such a good time.

Now, if I can get my brain to work on two things at once, I can be thinking about the next step in my writing while I'm following the steps.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Interview with Susan May Warren

Susan May Warren's novel, Everything's Coming Up Josie, promises to be a great read!

For everyone who wanted to know what it's REALLY like to be a missionary!

What is God doing? When Josey Berglund's little sister marries her ex, Josey heads out of town to Russia to teach English for a year. If the snow, the subway, the market and the language don't send her screaming, her love life just might. Will she survive Russia? Or God's plans for her?

Thank you, Susan for taking the time to answer a few questions.

1. A fiction book about your life. Was it difficult to write? Fun?

Susan: Oh, it was VERY fun to write...because as a missionary you go onto the field with a billion false expectations, until you realize you know NOTHING about what you're doing and feel about as important as a slug. I got to tap into all those crazy expectations and moments and reveal what missionary life is all about...(and you'll have to read the answer in Everything's Coming Up Josey!) *g*

2. When did you discover you wanted to be an author?

Susan: I have always loved to write, but I NEVER thought I'd be an author. Even after I was published, I had a hard time seeing myself as an "author". Authors are people like Francine Rivers, John Grisham, or C.S. know, SMART people! I think God just knows our deepest unspoken desires and delights in surprising us!

3. Is this your first novel?

Susan: This is my first CHICK LIT novel. I have fifteen suspense/romance novels on the market currently, either contemporary or historical. But this is probably the funniest of my novels.

4. As a published author, what is the most important piece of advice you can give to aspiring authors?

Susan: You need to keep working on craft all the time. Keep learning. I am going to be opening a new page on my website ( that takes books and dissects them for a writer--sorta bringing out the things we can learn. One of the most important things for a writer is to read, analyze and apply.

5. What was the hardest lesson you had to learn?

Susan: That not everyone is as passionate about my stories as I am, and that sometimes I should let other people talk. *g*

6. Where do you get your inspiration for your novels?

Susan: News articles, scripture, life events...mostly I ask God for an idea and He brings it to mind.

7. Anything you would like to add to encourage other writers?

Susan: Don't be afraid to dig deep, to let your real emotions out. If you are authentic and let the stories come from deep inside, they will touch others and maybe even change lives.

Thank you very much, Susan for your time!