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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Showing vs. Telling

Finally...I think it clicks. One of the lovely ladies in my critique group put it this way; Whenever you say she saw or she heard, you're telling. You don't need this because you are in her POV. Would she say to herself...I heard or I saw? Pretend you are she and show it.

Yep, folks, I'm still growing and learning. Thank God for wonderful friends willing to continue to correct you when you're wrong, support you until you get it right, then congratulate you when you do!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Doing It Again

Yesterday, I sent the first three chapters of my latest wip to a well-established author who had the grace to read them. Well...needless to say, I've got some re-writing to do. Most of the book in fact. I felt discouraged a bit after I received the e-mail. I was told I had great things to work with, story flowed and POV was good, but...that old human nature, you know? Today, I'm excited. Fired up. I know I've got a great story going. Now I've got the tools to make it better!