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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Ever heard of Kiva? Ever wanted to help improve the world without going broke?

My husband and I were watching a PBS special of Frontline the other night and an organization named Kiva was featured. This organization teams with other micro-lenders to help obliviate world poverty by lending small amounts of money to third world residents who are wanting to better themselves. The recipients are checked out for their ability to pay the loan back and are then listed on You are told a bit of their story and the story of others who have lended.

Wanting to do our part, my husband and I searched the list and sent a loan to three men in Kenya. The people want so little, but can improve their lives so much. You give what you can, God willing, you will be payed back, and you have helped pull someone out of poverty.

It's a great feeling.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Update on Summer Meadows

Yes, that's the real name of the heroine in my recent cozy mystery series. Her parents had a sense of humor. But the name suits her.

The first in the series, Buried Beneath the Midnight Blue, is still being considered by an agent. The second, Candy Coated Secrets, is 40,000 words strong. The last, Chocolate Covered Crime, is in the planning stages.

First person pov cozy mysteries are a lot of fun. Never thought I'd get away from the serial killer, damsel in distress, romantic suspense. I'm not completely away, just taking a break and trying something new and fun.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Vacation in Arkansas

We just got back from our vacation in Arkansas. Above is the whole family, minus a spouse or two. We're on top of Petit Jean Mountain on the porch of a cabin that was built in the 1800s and was home to a family with nine children. A one room cabin. Imagine! I'm the one with the white sunglasses.
The photo to the right shows my parents and us four kids. This was the first time in eleven years that we were all home at the same time.
Not only is going to Arkansas a time to visit my family, but it is also a time to refresh my soul and lift my spirit. Amazingly so, but as soon as we cross the border, I feel uplifted. Arkansas is truly my heaven on earth. My husband and I would move if not for our grandchildren. We've been present at the birth of every one of them. I would miss them so if we were to move back to the Ozarks.
When I die, I hope my heavenly mansion is located in a place similar to my childhood home.