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Monday, June 25, 2007

Update on Summer Meadows

Yes, that's the real name of the heroine in my recent cozy mystery series. Her parents had a sense of humor. But the name suits her.

The first in the series, Buried Beneath the Midnight Blue, is still being considered by an agent. The second, Candy Coated Secrets, is 40,000 words strong. The last, Chocolate Covered Crime, is in the planning stages.

First person pov cozy mysteries are a lot of fun. Never thought I'd get away from the serial killer, damsel in distress, romantic suspense. I'm not completely away, just taking a break and trying something new and fun.

1 comment:

Loretta Ann said...

Chocolate Covered Crime? How "sweet" that sounds! It definitely sounds interesting! Best wishes on that - Loretta Ann