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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Valley Vista High School's Inaugural game

Valley Vista is a new High School in our city. Only open for two years. The first year we only had freshmen and Sophmore. This year we added Juniors. Yippee! If you're into football pain. We had our first Varsity game ever. And lost. 50 - 0. Ouch! Complete with fireworks, by the way. My son, who not to brag, is the star of the Junior Varsity game is also on the Varsity. For lack of players with talent, apparently. Despite his having carried the ball for a total of more than 200 yards the night before, and scoring two touch-downs, he didn't play a lick last night. The same guys over and over and over and over. I swear the game lasted for ten hours!

Anyway, after watching the same play (that didn't work the first time by the way) over and over and over, because obviously the coaches didn't think the other team would catch on, someone in the crowd yells to keep the clock running during a time-out. The rest of us spectators clapped.

Anyway, we know it'll be tough without any seniors on our Varsity team, but a couple of points wouldn't have hurt, would it? Or, how about a chance for the "2nd" string to play, which consisted of mostly JV players suited up, to look like more bodies I wonder? What could it have hurt? We were already at zero. Couldn't go backward from there!

Oh, well. My son's name is still in the paper as one of the players. After last night's game, is that a good thing? How about a reporter at the JV game? We might actually run some plays.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Mortimer Literary Agency

I HAVE AN AGENT!!!! Kelly Mortimer called last night and asked whether I was still interested in her representing me. Of course I said yes, as I danced and screamed inside. Praise God!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Something Fun...and a little mean

Ever want to have some harmless fun? I was at Barnes and Noble the other day (my favorite place) and this teenage girl was walking past my car. For the heck of it, I pushed my alarm button. She jumped five feet. I laughed hysterically. Wouldn't it be fun to just do it and watch people's expressions? I honk at my kids every time they walk in front of my car, and laugh every time it scares them. I'm sick, I know. Just don't do it to anyone too frail. You don't want something having a heart attack.