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Sunday, March 22, 2009

BLOOD BAYOU By Karen Young

Camille St. James, advocate for the wrongly accused. When she proves the innocence of a death-row inmate, and a brutal death occurs days after his release, Camille loses her job and finds herself back in Blood Bayou being courted by her ex-husband, and chased by a killer. The last thing she wants is to renew a relationship with her ex-husband, Jack, now a minister with a load of secrets.

I have never read one of Karen Young's books before this one. I'm hooked. Blood Bayou is a page-turning suspense, with a steamy romance between Camille and Jack who struggle with the changes in each other and themselves. Can Jack convince Camille that he really has changed? Can he show her God's character shining through him? Can Camille trust the man who still holds her heart?

A great book! I recommend it to any romantic suspense fan.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Months ago, my eleven-year-old approached me with a deal. If he kept his room clean for three months, we'd buy him a snake. My husband agreed. I said, "Okay." Never thinking he could actually do it. Well, the picture tells the tale. The little bugger did exactly that! Yuck! Here' my youngest, holding Flash, a ball python. Good grief. I held the snake in the pet store. My insides quivered the whole time, but I figured if the thing was going to be living in my house, I had to get over my fear. He's amazingly docile and very inquisitive. As long as he stays away from my face, I'm okay. The worst part is...once my husband found out the price of pinky mice that we needed in order to feed Flash, he decided to breed his own food. We now have mice in the garage. I absolutely refuse to allow them in the house. Good luck critters when summer comes. can I use this in a story?