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Monday, July 12, 2010

What Am I Doing?

I am so struggling with this 1865 historical I'm writing. Then, for the reviews I must do, I've read a book that is written so well, I feel I'm wasting my time putting pen to paper. Ugh! I know it's just the insecurities that go with the writing profession, but enough already! I need the words to come. God, give them to me, please! I told my agent I'd have this book finished by the end of July and it's already the 12th. There are four publishers waiting to see it. Then, I'm worried that I'm spending my time writing something no one will want and then I've wasted my time. Yep, having a great big old pity party! Wanna join me?


Kelly Mortimer said...

No. I just wanna read the darn thing.


B. J. Robinson said...

No pity parties allowed! Get on with the writing and do what it takes to get the job done :)