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Monday, November 27, 2006


I love the holidays. Everything about them. We had twenty-four people for dinner on Thanksgiving. Yes, it was loud, it was crazy, and it was fun! The kids raised the decimel level way past the sound barrier, but that was okay, too. If it got to be too much, the adults just stepped outside, or ran the kids out.

Way too much food. Six different types of pie, plus we always celebrate one of our son's birthday, so there was also a triple layer Black Velvet Cake.

The smells so warm and homey. The sights so welcoming, cementing precious memories into us. The sounds, loud but thank God I could hear them. The holidays heighten our senses. This holiday season we should not only thank God for the abundance of food, family and friends, but also for the gifts he gave us: smell, sight, hearing, touch, taste, etc.

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Cathy West said...

Sounds like my sister's in CT. We had a great time too, but way too much food!!! Oh well.
Tis the season!