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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Last Chapter

Well, Shades of Crimson is down to it's last chapter. If I ever get it written, that is. I've been in a funk the last couple of days. Feeling a bit depressed and can't pinpoint why. I'm still gathering notes on the conference, thinking about the second book in the series and not sure I even want to write it, unless a publisher shows interest and I know that's not the right attitude. Haven't written anything on the first-person cozy I started. Also had a story started that takes place in, of all places, Booger Hollow, Arkansas. Yes, there is such a place. Population 7 counting one coon-dog, and goes on to spend time in the now vacated Dogpatch, USA. Will probably change some of that story line. How much of a book can you write that takes place in a closed down Amusement Park? Anyway, I'm rambling, and should do some work on marketing the three print-on-demand novels I have out. Did I mention the Language Arts teacher at the local Junior High absolutely loved them? Still freaks me out when someone says that.

1 comment:

GeorgianaD said...

Booger Hollow? That's a riot!

Keep going, you can make it! Especially if you write like Dee Henderson (recently read my first book of hers and loved it.)