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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Good thing writing isn't like Bubble Blaster where one wrong move and you lose. In writing, you can backspace, delete, undo, etc. I had all my plans laid out, one right after the other, and quite proud of the fact, thank you very much. I ebook pubbed all my poor manuscripts that couldn't find homes, put out a romantic suspense under my maiden name (for those of you who like just a little spice, but nothing too dirty). I had it all planned. Then WHAM! God gave me a delightful surprise regarding two stories I had all but given up on. I still can't give you all the details, just know that next year, my readers will have something new to read. And the year after that. All in a genre I was actually getting ready to wave good bye too. God has a way of pointing us in the right direction, doesn't He? Good thing my bubble didn't burst! And oh, yeah. One of these days, I'm still going to start vlogging. Need to get on that.

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