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Thursday, December 22, 2011


Wow. The end of 2011 and the beginning of another year. While 2011 was still a roller-coaster ride of a year, it was more relaxed than 2010. Does that mean 2012 will be even better? I choose to hope so. In my writing, I let go of my agent of four years and acquired another. A man who is well-respected in the industry and I believe will help me take my career to new heights in 2012. My writing goal for the new year? To obtain a 3-book contract. I'll do my part and let God and my agent do theirs. My agent seems to think big things are coming. My cozy mysteries have been re-released as ebooks and doing very well. Thank you very much to my fans.

I'd also like to find a direction to take this blog. One that benefits readers and writers both. Hopefully, God will lead me in the right direction.

My personal life is going well. Things are smoothing out on that front, and I praise God! Now, maybe my blood pressure will go back to normal.

I praise God every day that I get to do something I love and actually make money at it. I am thankful for my husband's support. I couldn't do this crazy business of writing without him. I'm also thankful for my kids who are my biggest fans. God has blessed me greatly.

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