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Wednesday, December 03, 2008


How does one know what to write? I've started so many stories because a publishing house thought it sounded like a "good" idea, but then they turn it down and I'm left with half a book. I hate leaving anything unfinished, and someday all my work in progresses will be complete, but how do we know what to write? What do we put our sweat and time into?

Often, I've had an idea, started the book, then saw a new release with almost the same idea! Ugh! How do we find our niche?

Sure, we want our writing to be a ministry. And readers have told me how much my book has helped them, but I also have a goal. To retire in six years when my husband does and supplement with money from writing. Unreasonable? I pray not.

Write the book of your heart, people say. Sure, but every story I write comes from the heart. Oh, well. Can you tell I'm suffering from sour grapes today?

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Barbara J. Robinson said...

Write what the Holy Spirit guides you to write! Let God do the rest!