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Friday, December 19, 2008

Merry Christmas

The Season is upon us. School is out, which means I'm also on a two-week vacation, gifts are bought, tonight is making tamales, a couple of parties have been attended, our day volunteering at the food bank is done, and I can sit back and enjoy the sight of a decorated tree and house with presents wrapped and waiting. If you could have one thing under the tree (for yourself) what would it be?

Me? I'd like a single-title contract for my historical romance, Shattered Superstitions. Anyone listening? God? Santa?


Barbara J. Robinson said...

Hi Cynthia,

I love the way you have the blogs posted at the top, and the way they show how many hours ago they were posted. I've new entries on mine. Happy, blessed holiday season.


Barbara J. Robinson said...

Wow, your Christmas question is like having one wish, and I remember reading a story about having one wish. The moral was be careful what you wish for and make wise wishes. Our best gift ever has been given to us by Jesus, when he died on the cross to pay for our sins. This makes all other gifts material. I'd wish for the gift from God's Holy Spirit to write a book that would be an outreach and make a difference for His Kingdom. I completed the novel I've been working on, but I have to beef it up. I like your title Shattered Superstitions. Reminds me of my book about Myrtle and how Andy and June try to shatter her belief in Southern superstitons. I've rewritten it as part of my completed WIP, and I've cut a lot out from the previous book and added a lot of new material.

Happy writing and blessings,