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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Trouble Up Finny's Nose

Finny's Nose is a mountain overlooking the quaint town of Finny. Ruth Budge, resident bird lady and saver of all things fowl finds her world turned upside down when she finds a romance novel her late husband was writing. After heading to town to clear her mind, she discovers a body in the town fountain.

Trouble up Finny's Nose takes the reader into the world of art, sculpture, and secrets. Soon Ruth finds herself biting off more than her, or her bird friends, can chew. And if things in her life weren't topsy-turvy enough, she's beginning to experience feelings for Monk, the town caterer. And at her age!

Dana Mentink has crafted another fun read for Heartsong Presents/Mysteries. Join the club.

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