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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Murder in the Milkcase

You'd think going to the grocery store would be a normal, mundane, everyday type of thing. But not to Trish Cunningham. Imagine her surprise when she reaches for the milk and discovers a dead body. And her husband wonders why her stomach is upset? Not only does Trish have a misbehaving teenage step-daughter, now she's a suspect for murder!

Her handsome husband, Max, begs her to leave things alone, then hires a snooty lawyer when Trish doesn't listen. She tries, but can't help herself from getting into trouble.

This is the first Heartsong Presents Mystery I've read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Can't wait to read the others. From page one, Candice Speare takes the reader on an enjoyable ride where the characters become your friends.

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