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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Front Porch Princess

A small town where everyone knows everything about everyone, and one woman has dreamed her entire life about escaping Pritchett. Having won a beauty title in her teens, Elise dreamed of becoming a model or an actress. Life had different plans in the form of a handsome farmer. Elise settles reluctantly into small-town life, wanting more for her daughter. When her daughter enters Elise into a Mrs. Proverbs 31 pageant, Pritchett, Wisconsin pulls out the red carpet, complete with a parade and an ice cream social.

As Elise prepares for the pageant, she discovers much more about love, beauty, friendship, and God, learning to be content in her circumstances.

Front Porch Princess is a delightful read. Kathryn Springer has the reader running a gauntlet of emotions. Don't read this book unless you're prepared to not be able to put it down! Absolutely wonderful.

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