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Friday, February 09, 2007

Excitement in the Neighborhood

Had a bit of excitement last night. At least for us. For the last two nights, someone has been sneaking into the backyard of the vacant house next door. My husband decided to check things out and spotted a sleeping bag and other proof that someone was sleeping in there. Being the conscientious neighbors that we are, we called the police.

They sent a young rookie with shaking hands and a trembling voice. He snuck around to the back of the house, peeked over the block fence and said, "Sir, would you mind watching the front? Yell, if someone comes running out." Bless his heart, he sounded terrified. Anyway, the young officer was waiting for backup before entering the house. Wise, choice, don't you think?

A tough, burly officer joined the young man and, together, they searched the dark house. No one was home, but they found evidence that several people were staying there, at least part time.

It was quite fun. My husband watched the front of the house, and me in my bathroom, watched our backyard in case someone scaled the fence. I am glad no one happened to be there, but we're to call if they make an appearance.

I think I could probably use this in a book.


Donna Alice said...

It's all grist for the writing mill isn't it? Think what a real life character you could make out of the terrified rookie.
Now, I'm thinking of the other story---whose been sleeping in the vacant house?

Anonymous said...

This wouldn't happen to be our old home, would it? :(

Cherie said...

sorry, had to sign up on googleblogger to post! (I'm the "anonymous" one! :)