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Monday, September 18, 2006

What's Your Line?

Sunday afternoon I took some advice from the conference forum and cold-called my critique partner, Dina Nickerson. My words, "This is Cynthia Hickey from Westbow Publishing. I'd like to hear about your book." (Hope Westbow doesn't mind I used their name, but I know Dina plans on pitching to them). Anyway, Dina started giggling. In my infinite wisdom, I informed her she was pitching incorrectly. This just sent her into a bigger fit of giggles. Now mind you, I've never met this woman face to face, and this is the first time I've heard her voice, but we spoke for a good hour about our books, the upcoming conference, life, etc. Who says you need to meet someone in order to find a friend?

My husband says the two of us at conference will be a force to reckon with. Well, not his exact words, but I can't say them here. Now, I've gone from knowing noone at the conference, to having someone excited to meet me. I am truly blessed! Plus, she told me that if my book isn't picked up by an editor at this conference, she wants to know why! Me, too!

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