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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

What To Do About Teenagers

My husband and I have been taking ballroom dancing lessons. Yep, you heard right. Anyway, the first session ended and the group went out to practice what we've learned. Upon coming home, we noticed the second car had two flat tires and a skid mark that started in the front of the house and continued up the driveway. Of course, we immediately thought of our 14 year-old son who vehemently denied driving the car. The next morning, I marched his rear outside and pointed to the signs...The tire was off the rim, hence it had been driven. The windshield wipers were on and the radio tuned to a hip hop station. Now, the car needed transmission work, so I asked my son did he have trouble getting back into the driveway because of the two flats or because of the skipping transmission. He still denied driving it, so being the suspense writer that I am, I asked him which of his friends drove it, cause someone drove, I can read the signs. I said I'd start calling all his friend's parents, because I had decided he drove his friends home in the rain rather than let them walk the two blocks. He admitted to "backing" the car out of the driveway.

The next day, one of his friends, thinking I knew the whole story, bless his heart, let it spill that they drove over to a friends house, noticed the flat tire (they'd obviously drove over something) and said they'd better get home.

Now, I ask you, knowing your parents see the signs and point out every one of them to you, how can a person continue to lie? Boggles my mind everytime. Needless to say, the little darling is grounded. It's a shame, too. Because it's the last week of his summer break. Bless his heart!


GeorgianaD said...

Ooo, I feel for you! We haven't had a driving incident yet (unless you count the golfcart, but my hubby was actually with my daughter on this one) but teenaged antics....

I hope he learned that he can't fool mom!

Marsha said...

LOL!!! I know I shouldn't laugh because I have 4 teenagers of my own. I once took my dad's truck when I was a teenager. I skidded off the road into the median when it started to rain. I came within inches of hitting a light pole. Scared me to death. There was mud everwhere. I had to wash the truck before my parents got home. If they knew I drove they never said anything.