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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I Want to Take it All Back

I have two, soon to be three, Print-on-Demand novels out. I was so excited about them and, amazingly enough, there are readers who wait for my next novel. Here's my dilemma...Ugh! They were written before I even knew what pov was. Can I take them back? Please? Although I now read them, and have received the final proofs on the third one, I want to change so much of them. Rewrite them. My readers (amazing there are any!) say no. It shows how much I've grown in my craft. It does give one hope, though. If these three books sell, which they are, although they aren't flying off any shelves, once a "traditional" publisher picks me up, my readers may even, if possible, be more thrilled than I!

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Robin Caroll said...

LOL...I know some authors whose first books were published by traditional houses who would LOVE to pull those books off the shelves and rewrite them. LOL Hang tough,'s all a learning curve and we're getting there!