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Saturday, October 02, 2004

Goodbye, Felicia and Dylan!

I have just completed the first draft of the sequel to Pursued By Evil. The sequel will be titled Haunted By Evil. Although I am excited to have finished, it is sad to say goodbye to the characters I have spent so many years with. It's time to move on to new friends and, possibly, sequels to other novels. I will miss them!


Jerry Minchew said...
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Jerry Minchew said...


I accidentally removed this post while attempting to correct a typo. If I make any typo's this time I'll just let it go. What I said was that "Pursued by Evil" sounds like the kind of book that I will enjoy. I'll admit that I haven't read anything except my own writing, and some writers aids, in 2 1/2 years. Now that my first book is getting published I need to get back into the stores to see what is there.

My book is entitled "Knighthawke." I've posted a synopsis of it at Although I wrote it as secular fiction the main characters do struggle with a particular faith issue, namely, "Where is God when tragedy strikes?" I intentionally kept the "religious stuff" low key because I personally know some Christians who will object to the hint of sci fi and the paranormal that I've included.

Perhaps you can answer a question for me. I've been browsing the PA message board but I haven't been able to post a message because I can't get a password from PA. I've registered 3 times since early October, when I signed my contract. Each time that I've registered I've been given a message that I'll receive a password in my e-mail but I've received nothing. I've gone back and tried to register again using the same username and it tells me that that username is in use. I've tried to contact the author support team but I don't have an ISBN number yet so my e-mail doesn't go through. I've tried e-mailing them from my netzero account and they don't respond. My question is how far into the publication process must I be before I can get a password?

I've jsut sent my AQ and final draft back to them just 5 days ago. I guess now I'm waiting for an editor/proofer to be assigned.

Best of luck with "Haunted by Evil."

Jerry Minchew