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Friday, August 13, 2004

Inspiration for writing

Where can you get your inspiration? Look around you! There is inspiration in the face of a child, the way the sun shines through the branches of a tree. There is inspiration in a crowd of strangers. In the misbehavior of school students. In the tears of a teenage girl. Where can you find your inspiration for a story?

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Bob Flournoy said...

Well, thanks. I am wandering around the PA board, heading off into various sunsets, chasing sprites and elves, all the while trying to get an idea, any idea, how to start my second book. "Just a Little Rain..." is my first (PA got the manuscript about two weeks ago), and like most of us, I think, the words just gushed out, because, well, it was my first. You know, everything you always wanted to say. So, I will contemplate your thoughtful words and look for some inspiration for #2. Thanks!