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Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Mountain of Fear                                      Captured Innocence                             Finding A Way Home

                                                                 Mountain Redemption

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Widowed and broke, Rachel Kent collects her two children, packs up their belongings, and heads across the Ozarks to stay with her parents. They stop for the night at a newly opened campground, then take a short hike. The three return to find the other occupants of the campground murdered. They flee the campsite and stumble upon a ranger’s cabin, where they enlist the help of handsome, former-Army Ranger, Wesley Ward, who informs them a survivalist group laid claim to the mountain. Only God can help them now. Can a man who wants only to escape his past and be left alone and a woman damaged by life forge a love that survives a flight through the Ozark Mountains?

She'll do everything it takes to save her son, even marry a stranger.
Jocelyn Nielson is on the run from a man involved in selling children. When a man shows up on her doorstep, claiming to be her knight in shining armor, she's reluctant to trust him. After all, memories are returning, and they are exposing things best left buried in the past.
Conley Hook, private detective, is determined to protect Jocelyn and her son at all costs. Even if it means his life.
Together, the two must learn to trust God and each other in their quest to save the Captured Innocent.

Shelby Jenkins, former bad girl of Springdale, left town at eighteen when her boyfriend's best friend attacked her. Now, seven year's later, she's returned with her daughter to run the diner left to her by her late grandmother. Can Shelby and the town let bygones be bygones? Can Shelby trust that God knows what is best for her as she is drawn back into caring for her first love?
Blake Harvey is riddled with guilt over his part in Shelby leaving town years ago. Can she forgive him? Can he accept her forgiveness if it's given and make amends to his past treatment of her?

Revenge is not always sweet.
Can their love survive a feud between mountain people and the moonshiners who are determined to take away all they hold dear?
Phoebe Lillie grows worried when her Pa doesn't return after what she thought was a routine hunting trip. Then, the new handsome school teacher arrives in Pine Ridge and starts wanting to make changes with his city ways. She resents his attentions, wanting only to find her Pa. When her and the teacher stumble across an illegal whiskey still, they are thrust into a feud that threatens to tear them, and the Ozark mountain hollow, apart. Then Phoebe is subjected to a horrible attack. Revenge fills her soul. Can God bring her out of her suffocating need for revenge before she loses Jacob's love?
Jacob Wright, takes the job of school teacher in Pine Ridge, after his job in law enforcement results in an innocent woman's untimely death. He's sworn never to draw his gun on another living person. He doesn't expect his new job to put him in the middle of a feud straight out of the wild west. Jacob must choose between his resolve and the life of the woman he loves.
Set during the Depression in the Ozark mountains, this story is sure to please readers of both historical and romantic suspense. Full of grace, forgiveness, and redemption, it still has plenty of danger for the most avid suspense fan.

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