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Monday, August 19, 2013


Back when this wonderful land of ours was being settled, brave pioneers lived in whatever type of dwelling they could slap together. Some above ground, some below.

When I heard of Barbour Publisher putting together a Christmas anthology collection of pioneers celebrating Christmas in usual types of abodes, I thought of a dugout around the area of Tucson, Arizona.
During my research I learned that it does occasionally snow in the desert, which I would have had a hard time believing if I hadn't seen it once with my own eyes. So, of course not only do my characters live in a dugout, but they deal with snow and a ruthless man who wants their land.
In a Pioneer Christmas collection, some of the unusual dwellings are a tavern, a stagecoach stop, etc. Join nine award-winning authors as they help you experience Christmas as our ancestors did, and discover the true meaning for the holiday.
Releasing September 1, 2013, Journey along with American settlers who learn that despite where the trail takes them or how primitive their lodgings may be Christmas is all about the heart. Determined to honor Christ's birth, these pioneers find a way to make Christmas happen in places like a cave, a tipi, and a dugout. Modern readers will enjoy a peek into life before commercialism took over the sacred day, distracting us from the true blessings of faith, hope, and love. Enjoy nine original novellas of Christmas romance as penned from many of today's leading Christian authors, including Lauraine Snelling, Margaret Brownley, Kathleen Fuller, and Vickie McDonough.


Shannon McNear said...

Love those old photos, Cynthia! And thanks for sharing the peek into your story's background.

Jennifer Uhlarik said...

I'm excited for the collection to come out! Thanks for sharing about life in a dugout and snow in the desert!