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Monday, April 26, 2010

Innocent Until Proven Guilty? I don't think so!

On February 26, 2010, my son was arrested for sexual assault. Two girls claim he acted inappropriately with them on three different occasions per girl. Innocent until proven guilty? I don't think so. My son admitted to having sex with one of them and now telling the truth will be held against him. Why should he lie to the police officer? To keep his words from being twisted, that's why.

My son's lawyer (per Arizona law) is not allowed to speak to the girls about their testimony. It could be construed as badgering the victims. We can't even talk to our son about anything because every conversation is recorded and WILL be used against him. Golly Gee! How are we supposed to find our own witnesses, then? The only hope we have is that the prospective jury will believe the interaction was consentual on both sides. In the meantime, my son sits in jail, while these girls roam free, telling all their friends. Huh. I always thought victims of these type of crimes were too scared to talk about it.

Why don't I believe their story? If I was on a jury, knowing the facts, although few that I do know, there isn't a chance in hell I'd convict anyone. Below are the facts as we know them:

1. Alleged Victim #1 started telling people that my son "raped" her over a year ago. Coincidentally when he started dating his current girlfriend. I don't believe in coincidences. She has recently come forward to say they never did have sex. Does she need to look up the definition of rape in the dictionary? I think so. So, what were the other two counts? A pat on the butt? An attempt at a stolen kiss? I have over five text messages forwarded from my son's girlfriend that #1 sent to her, bragging about her charges. Are these texts admissable in court? No.

2. Alleged Victim #2 had sex with my son at a park. Nice girl, right? Of course, my son is also stupid, but that's another blog. Then she proceeded to walk him home afterward. Actions of a victim? Maybe on her planet. She also has a witness that said when #2 came out from behind the bushes, she had a look in her eyes that said something bad happened. Alrighty, then! All the parks around here are greenbelts. Patches of grass completely surrounded by houses. Do you want to tell me that she was being assaulted and didn't cry for help when several houses sat a stone throw's away? Maybe she's a mute. I'll have to check on that. Oh, and maybe the "witness" is mute too.

Another point that, if I were on a jury, would tell me these little girls could right a New York Times bestselling story of fiction, is that supposedly, my son assaulted them three times each. Really? So, after the first time you allowed herself to be put in the same position, not once more, but twice more? Give me a break!

I've got to tell you, and I'll need to repent afterwards, but I have no hope left. I've tried to rely on God to get my son out of his stupidity. To ease our pain. My son may be a horny toad, but he doesn't deserve to have his life ruined for doing what half of our teenagers are doing. Just because one girl was jilted and another...what? Thought Mom and Dad would find out she's a loosy goosy and she'd get in trouble?

I don't know. I don't believe in coincidences. Based on the above information, there's no way I would convict anyone. Yet, my son's lawyer said that over 90% of sexual assault charges result in conviction. Wow! Did you know that I could go out, have sex, change my mind, and claim rape? Yep! Got that tidbit of information from the mouth of a cop. Well, aren't I glad I live here.

Can I get in trouble for writing this blog? I don't know. It's supposed to be a free country. Free speech and all that. No names were mentioned to protect the guilty. Names of the innocent are plastered all over the internet, should anyone be inclined to search for them.

So, they're holding him without bail, which was a joke to begin with because it was set at $75,000. Now, they are trying to plea bargain, but haven't come up with the terms yet.

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