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Monday, January 18, 2010


Gert Dooley is the best shot in town. And everyone knows it. When folks start dying, Gert forms a club to teach the ladies of Fergus to shoot well enough to defend themselves if the need should arrive. The women wind up learning alot more than how to load and pull the trigger. Prejudices are set aside. Compassion for one another rises, and despite the animosity from some of the men in town, their shooting club thrives and grows. In the midst of it all, Gert loves the new sheriff, Ethan Chapman, and volunteers her club as amateur deputies. Ethan jumps at the chance, and the town of Fergus will never be the same. Nor will his life as he realizes the gift right under his nose. The lovely Gert.

This was a fun read! Before the last page is turned, readers will be a fan of Susan Page Davis.

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Cheryl Marshall said...

Thank you for the input. I will have to read this book!