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Monday, February 23, 2009


Well, I have, almost. But here's what's going on in my book world. Frustrating! So, if you can't find the book in a store, give me a holler and we'll deal over the internet!

I am so frustrated! I've spent hundreds of dollars and hours of time marketing my books and am now finding out that people can't even get them! For example...I have fans in Arkansas. Don't laugh, I grew up there. Anyway, they want to buy Fudge. Not that I blame them. It's good. Anyway, they insist on shopping at Hastings. Fine. It's a bookstore. Whatever. But...the book isn't in Hastings system. So, after multiple emails to Barbour, I called Hastings. Nope. Not in their system. No problem they said, they'll call corporate and have it put in. Then........ .....Ingram says it's out of stock. Well, no it's not because I haven't even earned back my advance yet. How can I when people can't buy the book! Ugh! Had to vent. Any and all suggestions are welcome. Now Candy will be released in two weeks, and I'm afraid I'll have the same problem. Have I wasted my time mailing out 500 postcards on each book? Because I sure did if the book can't be gotten. Know what I mean?

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