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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bad Writing

I'm not going to mention the title of the book I'm reading, but it's by a well-known, multi-published Christian author. And, it breaks every writing rule in the book! How can someone who's been published many times get away with pov issues, passive writing, repetition, lots of exclamation marks, and just horrible story matter? NOT FAIR! I say. I must follow the rules, say something a million ways, not use a single cliche, etc.

I'd like nothing more than to toss the book, but as I've got to read it in order to review it, I'll have to muddle along. God help me! Anyway, thanks for letting me vent.

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Jennifer L. Griffith said...

I run into books from bestsellers and award winners who break the rules too. One that I'm currently reading hooked me in the first 3 chapters and then got bogged down in WAY too much backstory. But the writing is excellent, and this author has proven to deliver a great novel, so I'll stick with it. I suppose when a writer proves their sales potential, the rules become less important. Most "readers" don't know the rules.

I think that it partially falls on the editors to catch passive, POV, tenses, etc.

When things bug me about a book, I look for the possible "itch" in my own story. I pray that it leads to cleaner writing and less frustration for the writer/readers.