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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Gunfight at Grace Gulch by Darlene Franklin

Every girl likes to play dress-up and CiCi Wilde is no exception. In fact, she owns a vintage clothing store and runs around town in her merchandise. The annual reenactment of the Oklahoma landrun and gunfight between the Graces and Gaynors is one of her largest business days. But when one of the actors is actually killed, the script seems rewritten. With CiCi's friends and families as the main suspects. So, donning a new costume, she sets out to find the culprit before she is history.

Darlene Franklin's cozy mystery is fun, entertaining, and educational. Join in with the Wilde sister's as they concoct a daring plan to catch the murderer.

1 comment:

Darlene Franklin said...

Cindy! Thanks for the build up! I wasn't expecting this one, a pleasant surprise.