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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Writing Progress

Sorry, it's taken me so long to post anything. I've read a couple of books I need to review, but mostly I've been writing.

Well, I did it. I got the rights from my publisher returned on A Dream Fulfilled. It's a wonderful story, and once I've done some revisions, I believe it will sell well in the Christian market. Those who've read it, want a sequel. If I can make a go of it, I might just write that sequel.

I've completed Buried Beneath the Midnight Blue. I love this story. It's my first attempt at first person and it's a cozy mystery. Once my critique group finishes, I'll be submitting it to agents and editors.

Still working on getting Shades of Crimson, my romantic suspense, published. It's currently with an agent and an editor. God willing, one of them will love it. Wouldn't it be wonderful if I get a three book contract out of it?

I'm also revising a couple of complete manuscripts to try and pitch them to category. Yep, I'm one busy little writer. What have ya'll been working on?

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Alison Strobel Morrow said...

Wow, good for you! I envy your productivity. :) I'm just now returning to writing after taking a year off to figure out how to be a mom. Now that Abby is one, I think it's time to start writing again--before #2 comes along and I lose another year! I'm easing back into writing with a couple magazine articles, one on hypnobirthing (which I did for my daughter's birth) and one on a group called Mothers of Miracles, which is a support group for moms whose children have suffered from traumatic brain injuries and recovered. I'm also playing around with my third book, which I started writing before the baby was born. I'm reworking a lot of it, though. Feels good to be back in that creative-thinking state of mind! :)