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Saturday, May 06, 2006

A Letter From Long Ago

The small country town where I grew up recently ran an article on the release of my newest book, Haunted By Evil. In response to that article, my Junior High Science teacher contacted me. What a wonderful surprise. I've been getting many such surprises lately. Here is the letter she e-mailed me.

Cynthia, I bought your book at Hastings in Russellville and couldn't put it down until I finished it. It was so good. I checked at the town library today and they don't have any of your books so I told them how good the first one was. Robbie said they would order them.

Your book made me think of Dee Henderson's books that I have been reading. Both talk about God and such with no bad language. I can't wait until they get the other books in. Hastings said they could order the other two, so I will have them order for me.

Do you remember Miss Cheek, the counselor at school? We exchange books so I have it to take to her to read. I got her hooked on Dee Henderson and will now get her hooked on yours.

Keep up the good work. When will you have another one out? I will tell all my friends about your books. So good to hear good things about former students.

Shirley Pickle

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Ane Mulligan said...

How much fun! And what joy to know you're touching lives back in your home town. Congratulations!