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Friday, April 14, 2006

Baby Steps

Took another step yesterday. Still actively seeking a larger publisher and received yet another rejection, but...this rejection did offer encouragement. The publisher said, "...though well-written and worthy of publication, is just not fit for the line of titles we are developing." Encouraging, right?

They sent out the all too familiar form letter, only this one had a multiple choice and the above statement is the one they circled. At least they didn't circle the one saying my writing needed honed, or that the material didn't "grab" them for any number of reasons. If I had to be rejected, I'm glad they choice the above answer.

I am continually working on improving my writing and constantly writing and coming up with more story ideas, so I'll keep pursuing these people. Eventually, someone is going to say, "Let's take her on if only to shut her up. She is persistant." LOL!

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Janny said...

As Randy Ingermanson would say, On that pesky issue of persistence...

I keep figuring they'll publish me, too, just to shut me up. (!)Unfortunately, it hasn't happened but once yet, and that book is now without a home again. The good news is, the rights have reverted to me. The bad news is, the rights have reverted to me...(and you authors who've been orphaned will understand this)!

But hang in there. I remember joking around that my Golden Heart acceptance speech was going to be simply, "Ten Years. Ten Freakin' YEARS." I had entered that contest since 1988, sometimes with two or three entries, before finally finaling and winning in 1998.

Just for the record, I didn't do the World's Shortest Acceptance Speech above, but thank heaven I actually did remember to thank most of the people I needed to! The nice moment was when people said, "Wow, you looked so relaxed up there--how'd you do that?" I said, "Simple. I've already been up on this stage a hundred times."

It'll happen. Yes, there's competition...but not high level competition on all counts. Yes, there are limited slots...but not for really gripping, page-turning stories. Yes, it can be a grind...but the worst day writing still beats the best day doing almost anything else.

I'm Baby Stepping with you, Cynthia!

Take care,