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Friday, October 28, 2005


Okay, as I muddle through Writing the Breakout Novel Workbook, I hit chapter 7 and skid to a halt. Personal stakes I understand, I thought. I know who my protagonist is, I even know her name. I know her main problem--to get her son back, alive. What I don't get is how many ways I can make this problem matter more. Isn't it enough that her son is missing and she fears for his life? What exactly is Mr. Maas asking? It's enough to give me gray hair!

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Robin Caroll said...

LOL, girl! Ch 7, Personal Stakes...LOVE the chapter. For you, in your current wip, her personal stakes are high already, but delve deeper into her.....what would make her care more? Not just to get her son back, but think of interesting ways that this is even MORE personal, maybe on a different level. Such as, yes, she wants to get her son back, but her ex is playing games with her, wanting her to annul her marriage. What if she falls in love with her new husband? That would up her personal stakes....she has to "win" on her own terms now to not only get her son back, but also bask in the love she's found. See?